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 a2z upholstery have been creating contract furniture and domestic work  crafting in Manchester and around united kingdom, with  designs becoming more poignant and personal over time. we believe that each new project is an opportunity to learn something different and to expand our skills.
The desire to keep reinventing our craft and to push our abilities to the limits keeping our work fresh and unique. Taking  the time to fully explore Furniture Design Portfolio and get a real sense of what we can do and bring to interested clients.
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In many cases a business or individual has a product or an idea that requires upholstery services but they do not have those capabilities in-house. It can be an exhausting process trying to locate an upholstery vendor that will talk to a potential customer, much less meet with them to discuss their project.

a2z upholstery is here to change that process. We pride ourselves in treating each inquiry with attention and provide feedback to help identify how a2z upholstery can best be of service. We have a history of serving customers from large to small business with new market concepts.

Whether your product is in need of contract cutting, a custom sewing project or complete production of a unit, we have the capabilities, equipment, skilled staff and the front end service to bring your project to completion.a2z upholstery aspires to be the shop that you didn’t even know you needed.

Upholstry Manufacturer
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